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ChiroPractice - Web Based Chiropractic Software

Entering patient medical records is simple; finding them again later is even easier.
Managing the enormous mountain of patient medical records is one of the greatest obstacles a computer system faces. Too often chiropractic offices are left with a system that has numerous screens to navigate and not enough customization. You will not find that with ChiroPractice. ChiroPractice is web based chiropractic software that is built for today to take advantage of the internet.

Web based chiropractic software will help small chiropractic offices by giving them and easy-to-use software application while larger, multi-office, practices will benefit by being able to connect easily to other offices to share the patient medical records

The Electronic Medical Records are Clean and Complete

  • Organize data on a single screen
  • Store and view insurance cards
  • Customize fields for patient medical records
  • Keep staff up to date with alerts and memos
  • Eliminate duplicates in patient medical information
    • Patient Medical Records

      Electronic Medical Records

    Electronic Medical Records are Easy to Find, and Easy to Navigate

    ChiroPractice has conquered the problem of too many screens. A series of tabs on a single screen organizes patient data so you can easily find what you need without having to search through the entire system. Point-and-click navigation moves you easily through patients' insurance, demographic information, appointments, and financial history.

    Logically Organize the Patient Medical Records

    Patient data is organized into tabs on the same screen so you can quickly find what you need without endlessly searching through the system. Point-and-click navigation moves you easily through the patient's demographic information, insurance, financial history and appointments.

    Store What You Need

    With ChiroPractice you can view scanned documents and images (e.g. insurance cards, lab results and reports) directly from a patient's on-screen medical record; even if certain items were scanned at another location. You can access letter templates and forms for batch printing as well.

    Web Based Chiropractic Software

    ChiroPractice has so many useful features: instant messages, alerts, memos, even the ability to email patients directly. Each of these features helps you manage your data effectively.

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